Available with your EBANK Business Checking Account:

• Online Services: Online Banking, Business Bill Pay, eStatements, Mobile Banking
• Business Debit Cards
• Check images with your monthly statement
• Merchant Processing

Small Business Checking

Transaction Fees
Debit entries (In excess of 30) $.251each
Credit entries and deposited items (In excess of 60) $.201each
Minimum deposit to open the account – $100.00
A $5.001 minimum balance fee will be imposed every statement cycle, if the balance falls below $1,000.00 during any day of the cycle.

Business Analysis Checking

• Minimum deposit to open the account – $100.00
Schedule of Charges
Monthly account maintenance $10.001
Debit entries $.201
Credit entries $.201
Deposited items $.071
Accounts with a negative average collected balance will be charged our base lending rate plus 1.00% on these uncollected balances.

Business Analysis Checking Example

Average collected balance $37,000.00
Less 10% reserve requirement $3,700.00
Net balance available for investment $33,300.00
2Earnings credit $57.48
Activity Charges
Account maintenance $10.001
Activity charges - 100 debit entries @ $.20 $20.001
20 check entries @ $.20 $6.001
300 checks deposited @ $.07  $21.001
Activity Charges $57.00
Service Charge Summary
Total activity charges $57.00
Less earnings credit $57.48
Net Analysis $0.00*
Sales tax $0.00
Total charges $0.00
1 Fees subject to state and local option sales tax.
2 Earnings credit computed on the average 91-Day Treasury bill Auction Rate from the last auction of the previous month, as found in the Wall Street Journal. This example was computed at 2.10% per annum using a 30-day month.