Remote Capture is EBANK’s Merchant Capture product available to our commercial customers. Prepare and submit deposits to the bank electronically without leaving your office.

Benefits for Commercial Accounts

  • Provides accelerated availability of funds
  • Eliminates physical transportation of checks for deposit
  • Reduces transaction costs and overhead
  • Streamlines deposit preparation
  • Allows account consolidation for multi-location merchants, reducing account maintenance and transaction fees


  • Bank provided installation and ongoing support
  • Online access to deposited items for 90 days
  • Utilizes MICR/CAR/LAR technology to automatically scan and verify check amounts
  • Deploys image quality control methods to reduce errors and mitigate risk
  • Provides automatic MICR line correction
  • Automatically totals each batch allowing for easy balancing
  • Provides batch confirmation reports for printing or saving to your network
  • Automatically detects duplicate check scans
  • Provides scalability for any size institution or merchant – large or small
  • Provides configurable permission levels and user access for increased security

Contact Kathy Alexander at 515-273-2432 for Pricing and PC requirements.